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Why I am okay with 13 reasons why ***SPOILERS***

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There has been mixed responses to this TV show. Now I have not completely finished the second season but I have watched all of the first (obviously) and I know enough to comment on how I feel about this show. In short I AGREE with it and here is a list why:

1. It shows how some people feel about certain situations, the emotion and some scenes are raw. Despite it being graphic it is raw and the rawness makes it feel real. This doesn't mean that it represents everyone, because nothing can represent everyone, because everyone deals with everything differently, everyone has different levels of what they can cope with or deal with, everyone feels different things in the same situation. A problem big or small is still a problem and still matters even if it doesn't to you.

2. Some might say where are the real moments? the moments where Jessica stares at herself in the mirror, the spacing out, the flashbacks in their own heads, the mother telling Hannah t…

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