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Eyelashes: With vs without mascara

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Ever since I have started wearing fake eyelashes, I have always put mascara on before applying the lashes. Only until recently, I was forced to try the eyelashes without mascara, not because I wanted to but because, I just came back from uni and I forgot my mascara at uni. And the only thing I had that could remotely add length or volume to my eyes would be my fake eyelashes.  At first it was a weird concept to me because, all of the You Tuber's I watch and all of my friends apply mascara beforehand, so I am not going to lie I did ask Google, if applying lashes without mascara was acceptable. 
Now there is a notable difference between the photos, for example, in the first photo all I have on are eyebrows and eyelashes, while in the second photo, I have a full face of make up on. But now with trying both methods, I can confirm which method I will be using from now on and when and why. 
Benefits for without Mascara: 
Easy and quick to apply, it does no…

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