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Favourite highlighter: Ofra vs MUA

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What is #1 in my books? MUA which is the cheaper high street option or Ofra, which is a bit more pricey?

Starting with MUA, I have the Iridescent Gold, this can be found in Superdrug for: £3 link here. This highlighter, is shimmery and only really comes off on your finger and a fan brush, other brushes will not work as well. The product is lightly pigmented on your skin and blends into your skin quickly, easily and effortlessly, if you want a subtle highlighter this is the one. It does everything a highlighter is supposed to do, and it stays on well and does not disappear during the night. It is not a flat highlighter, it has a raised swirl shape. Overall, worth it for the price and my favourite high street highlighter.

Ofra Beverly Hills highlighter is £24.50 and can be found on House of beauty here . This highlighter consists of five shades that are flat with shell ridges as a design. You can apply this product unlike MUA, with any brush or your fingers…

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