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Wear what you want even with Skin conditions: Granuloma Annulare

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July 9th 2017
I got diagnosed with GA

What is it?
Raised bumps that appear on your skin, which can be skin coloured or red. As it grows it turns into red circles. As it gets better it clears in the middle leaving it skin coloured while the outline of a circle is red and in flamed. It often can become itchy. There is no cure or cause for this condition, some research has said that it can be linked to diabetes and Thyroid. It is also most commonly seen in girls and can be seen in healthy people too. In some cases people have to live with it, but online it says that it should not last for more than 2 years.

In my case I noticed these bumps a month ago, however I did not go to the GP until recently because it became itchy, and very irritating, not to mention it looked horrible. My GA started on my forearms, it then cleared up and started on my inner arms, where it became itchy and began to grow in size. It would come and go until July , where it became consta…

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