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Valentines Edition: How to make a Heart origami bookmark

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This cute bookmark is perfect for your favourite book lover or yourself! If any of this information is unclear there is a video below:

What you will need:

A square 4 x 4 piece of paper 
Tape/ glue 


First we are going to make guidelines/ creases, fold it in half horizontally, then unfold it then fold it again vertically, then unfold. You will end up with this:  Fold one half up to the middle line. Turn over the paper, and fold the corners into the middle, lining up the middle with the edge of the paper, repeat this on both sides.  Turn over the paper again and fold the pointed triangle up until only a little bit is pointing out on the other side.  Turn it over again, and squash the corners of the flaps at the top sticking out down, to create a mini triangle, do the same on both sides.   Fold the triangle corner of the piece of paper sticking out at the top, behind the flaps, leaving a tiny gap in between the squashed triangle and folded behind piece, …

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